It's a GIRL!!!

It has only been about 4 months since my little one arrived and already he has grown so so quickly!  Looking back at my old photos of him I seem to linger at the ones that show just how tiny, wrinkled and 'deflated' he looked. heheh.. That wrinkly skin, those chicken legs that fill up just so quickly!  This stage passes by in a blink of an eye! I always ask clients what they would love to capture about their little ones in this stage.  She reminded me of this exact thing.  She wanted to remember how tiny she was, her wrinkly arms and and feet. To capture all of that newborn wrinkly skin goodness before those chubby thighs and wrist rolls come in. 

Congratulations to our dear friends on the arrival of their gorgeous little girl!  She is already such a treasure and I know she will be raised full of love, laughter, faith and joy!


Gilana Alie Leung-6360w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-8417w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6207w.jpg
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Gilana Alie Leung-6329w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6223w.jpg

May your days be merry and bright!

It is December already!  

I know my son has been counting down the days until he can open that little door to his advent calendar. And although (even in my mind) things are bustling and busy with sales and lists and things to do!  Sometimes I need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the simple everyday moments and people right in front of me!  

I love photos (obviously..haha). I love looking at them, taking them and looking at them again and again and again.  Those tiny hands and feet grow so quickly!  I guess I am sentimental and just want to document everything. 

So for this Christmas, my sister and I decided to gift you with a special Christmas offer!  To bring families together!  Laughter and joy! and memories and photos that will last a lifetime. =)

The CLASSIC family session will be just $250 until December 9th! 


Book before December 9th and we will mail you a physical gift card that you can wrap up and put under the tree, or in a stocking. (This gift card will be valid for the year of 2018.)

We only printed a limited amount of cards, so once they are gone the offer will be done (even if it is before Dec 9th). Click here if you want to get started! 

Merry Christmas and God bless you!

Hua sisters



We have finally updated our website and with that have come up with new sessions and packages!  Click HERE to check out our new pricing and sessions!!! 

It seems our over 10 year 'maternity leave' was just too long.. hahah, but 10 kids later (where all of our time and efforts have been focused on) we are back!


(just missing one cutie pie born just 2 months ago) =)

We are looking forward to creating and capturing those precious moments and images of FAMILIES, LOVED ONES, milestones and moments that go by much too quickly in this fast paced life!  and blogging again too! =)

We love families, we love LOVE, we love taking pictures of all of the above! (hahah.. too cheesy? nahh!)





allison + benjamin

It is on the rare occasion that we photograph weddings as we are session photographers, but when we do it is always such a JOY! To float through the day seeing so much love, years of friendship, reunion of family members far and wide, and of course best friends joining in marriage. Thank you for having us on your very special day!  Many blessings for a long and happy future together! We were happy to come out of 'wedding retirement' just for you guys! =)



fort + france

Like the script out of those classic old movies. These two have such an incredibly romantic story.  Two people from across the globe met and fell in love.  It was such a joy and honor to hear your story and capture through film this time in your lives.  We wish and hope for the very best! My sister through sister. =)  We love you both very much! 

the ko family

When kids are little it can get tiresome and the physical demand is great.  It feels like the day just whizzes by, or maybe not quite fast enough.  As a photographer I get to look into it from another angle. Parents, so attentive, engaged and present.  Tiny hands clamped around tiny cars. Giggles, wiggles and a whole LOT of love.  To freeze these moments into frames that once we busy parents finally catch our breath, can look upon and say 'yeah, I remember when he/she used to do that'.  It was such a peaceful evening stroll.  Thank you for letting me capture the great love between you and your loved ones. =) 

Baby Jenson

 I remember those first days with my firstborn. Everything seemed like a sleepy dream.  It was tender yet terrifying. Full of love and worry. I adore every newborn session I get to capture as it takes me back to those first days.  I step back and quietly admire and soak in the immense love that new mommy's and daddy's saturate into their tiny little ones.  Capturing memories of a time that goes by much too quickly.  I adore this family and can't wait to get to know this little guy.  Jenson means 'God is gracious'.  His grace is all we wobbly knee'd parents need to give our little ones the absolute best.  Happy first few months! 

Amanda + Denny

A vintage themed engagement session.  There is just something about classic courtesy, the refined manner of speaking from the old days that is just so romantic.  I love the tailored suits, the intricate details in every brooch, pin curl or ruffle.  Before texting, there were hand written letters.  Before there was an online world, there was and is a world that is filled with sounds, tastes, smells and touch.  Young love in simple frames.