It's a GIRL!!!

It has only been about 4 months since my little one arrived and already he has grown so so quickly!  Looking back at my old photos of him I seem to linger at the ones that show just how tiny, wrinkled and 'deflated' he looked. heheh.. That wrinkly skin, those chicken legs that fill up just so quickly!  This stage passes by in a blink of an eye! I always ask clients what they would love to capture about their little ones in this stage.  She reminded me of this exact thing.  She wanted to remember how tiny she was, her wrinkly arms and and feet. To capture all of that newborn wrinkly skin goodness before those chubby thighs and wrist rolls come in. 

Congratulations to our dear friends on the arrival of their gorgeous little girl!  She is already such a treasure and I know she will be raised full of love, laughter, faith and joy!


Gilana Alie Leung-6360w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-8417w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6207w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6216w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6329w.jpg
Gilana Alie Leung-6223w.jpg