We are the Hua sisters.  

We had to post a baby picture because to get us four together in a picture now is so so rare (hopefully we will get to it one day) because we have 10 kids between all of us! 

Starting from left to right. 

Janet. The baby and our amazing abstract impressionist painter sister, and mommy to two gorgeous boys! You can find her work here or on her insta here, as well as all over the city in galleries, murals and local shows. If you are interested in any custom work, or a combination of painted, textured art with a photo from our session, just contact us! =)

Hurene. The eldest and one of our main photographers on Hua photography and mommy of three amazing kids! She specializes in newborns and babies. Her gentle and calm nature really sets the mood in all of her sessions.  Her photography style beautifully depicts the sweet, tender moments and details of special moments between loved ones. 

Irene. The second eldest and our photographer on call. She still works as a pharmacist full time and is the mommy of three beautiful girls! 

Elaine. The 'middle child' and the other main photographer on Hua photography and mommy to two adorable little boys. She specializes in family, couple and editorial.  Unlike Hurene's calm and gentle nature, Elaine is energetic and animated.  Her photography style really captures the energy and interactions between loved ones.